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Roger Marshall

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have been writing songs and playing guitar for longer than I care to say. My roots are in London, south of The River, but have been in New Zealand since 1986. I have spent my life, my day-job, working in universities, teaching and research, mostly medical statistics. The songs in the albums at this site represent those mostly written since about 1995.

My hope is that anyone who listens to these songs finds something to engage them. I find it interesting how a song, its tune and lyrics, develop, morph and mature (hopefully) over time. And some just fall by the wayside. I find it harder and harder to write lyrics. There are some great lyricists to inspire, Dylan, Cohen and Waits, of course. Fraught angst, cliches, and preaching lyrics are best avoided, at least I don't care to hear them, though I am guilty myself.

Feel free to listen and download from the site (they are mp3 files). Also you can buy tracks of the albums at Bandcamp, and listen on Spotify and iTunes. I have CDs of all the albums, if anyone wants please contact me, Situation Normal has a nice lyric booklet. Sorry no vinyl as yet!



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