Lyrics for "Dispossessed" CD



by Roger Marshall



The Dispossessed   One and only man  Into the Unknown   Sleepwalking   Child's play   Risky Business


Mystic #2   Somewhere in the street   What else could I do (but fall in love)?  Jazz in the breeze   Until next time


Slave to the street   One of the stars   Day of leaving


The Dispossessed


Won't someone open up this door?

My legs are tired and my feet are sore

This was once my home

I carved my name in the stone

I knew every cranny I knew every nook

Give me one more look.


I know you're there I can sense you breath

Don't leave me here while I catch my death

That was once my room

the one now shrouded in gloom

it once was white, once was bright

used to keep me safe at night


Let me in I beg of you

you may be many and we are few

This was once my land

I know you wonít understand

I knew every flower I knew every tree

give me back the key


Let me in we are the dispossessed

This was once my home address

This was my street

I knew everyone I'd meet

I knew old Pedro, I knew old Joe

Where did all those people go?


One and only man


He fell into the evening, it descended onto him

in the old town bar,  theyíd changed nearly everything

where theyíd planned a revolution,  read the works of  Marx

now the place is full of pokies, like an amusement park

he ordered up a beer and watched the dead men feeding coins

he wondered if sheíd come, had that feeling in his loins

haunted by the years that span the one and only man.


She crawled up from her basement, she was ready to emerge

The day had been too hot, it was getting on her nerves

 just the other  night, his handwritten note

 slid under her door, she studied what he wrote

so in the coolness of tonight, she felt good to be alive

to meet up with the man, the only one who had survived

haunted by the years that span the one and only man.


She slowly recognised him and he sat down next to her

her eyes made him uneasy and her voice still like a purr

she'd been over in England, now she was vaguely la-di-da

she'd been working on the stage she might have gone far

she said do you remember how we damned the bourgeoisie

do you remember how  peoplesí lives were meant to be?

haunted by the years that span the one and only man.


They both went back a long way, they began to reminisce

she leant over to him, pressed against him for a kiss

but he was somewhere else, his heart was eaten out

he was numb, he said whatís it been all about

look at what we are, whatever weíve both become

look at the world, we couldnít have been so wrong?

haunted by the years that span the one and only man.


she said do not be bitter, she held onto his hand 

we are but bits of spindrift,  all you can do is what you can.

She said itís  kind of funny, that we should now converge

thereís depth to my feelings that must have been submerged

we could have done something, but something  got in the  way?

we just lived out lives  and both got led astray

 living in a nether land the one and only man.


Into the Unknown


I was walking the plains where the landscapes are bare

among total strangers who did nothing but stare

and the shadow's were long and I  didn't belong

and yet I couldnít go home

with  nowhere to go

but into the Unknown


The Last One Out, had better  turn out the light

thereís not a soul to be seen, on the streets tonight

I've put back my clocks and Iíve tried taking stock

but I donít have whole lot to show?

so I might as well go

 into the unknown


sometimes friends are like strangers, strangers are your friends

sometimes the beginning feels like itís the end

when they hand back your heart, and say  "here just take it and go".

into the unknown


I was walking the decks of the Marie Celeste

my hotel was a cell, I was under arrest

Iíve borrowed the night and in the bright city lights

thereís a million lost souls on loan

with nowhere to go

but into the unknown




In the summer sultry heat

I stumbled though the midnight streets

The night women looked at me and sweetly smiled

their fingers like razors, their faces like dials

I turned away from them posing in fishnet tights

thought about the things got said that night

As if in fog and I kept on stumbling

aware that the whole world around me was crumbling


I walked on by the old museum

it stood there like a mausoleum

inside, some ancient artefacts

from people Ďgainst whom the cards were stacked

I thought about the Pygmies and the Eskimos

about a hundred different words for snow

and the lost tribe could only count up to three

and I started thinking Ďbout my mathís degree


I stumbled onward through the dark

and found my way  into the park

an old man lay asleep on a bench

I saw the bottle, I could sense the stench

I must have disturbed him from his quiet reverie

he opened one eye and looked at me

I'd seen that face somewhere before

in those Holocaust pictures from the second world War


I kept on walking in the hot sticky night

it clung too me like leeches bites

I felt the anger and pain subside

imagine being washed up on the morning tide

I kept right on through the early hours

down in the valley of concrete towers

I came at last to the city graves

someone had trampled on the flowers and broken the bouquets


sleepwalking the streets.


Childís play 


They've put me up chimneys put me down mines

I'm small  Iíve crawled through sewers and slime

I've  been used and abused it happens all the time

they've put me up chimneys put me down mines


I'm sleeping in drains, living on streets

I've  begged and I've sold my body like meat

I've grovelled in the gutter for something to eat

I'm  sleeping in drains living on streets


my mama and my papa died of HIV

no one gives a damn whatís gonna happen to me

my big sisters too are working on the street

my mama and my papa died of HIV


they gave me a Kalashnikov and stuck me in a war

I never knew what I was fighting for

they told me to kill or Iíd be one body more

they gave me Kalashnikov and stuck  me in a war


I'm sifting through rubbish someone else has thrown away

one of my brothers died the other day

in the jaws of the truck, we never knew how to play

I'm sifting through rubbish someone else has thrown away


they took me from my home and turned me to a slave

working in sweatshop, I never get paid

at night we sleep like dogs in a cage

they took me from my home and turned me to a slave


they dumped us in a desert in the blistering heat

flies in my eyes I've got nothing to eat

my legs are like sticks I canít walk I'm too weak

they dumped us in a desert in the blistering heat


Risky business


When you fall in love its like walking a wire

thereís no safety net for wanton desire

its like falling through space on a swinging trapeze

lucky are those who land on their feet


When you fall in love it is  being alive

but everything has  a risk, some live, some die

Its like drawing a straw, its  a gamble you take

when you meet someone who keeps you awake


You take  a  risk in the destiny you chose

there may be many regrets and much that you rue

love has never been  nothing but a toss of a coin

it may be your salvation may be your ruin


That the sun is gonna rise is never in doubt

but if you can fall in  love you can just as soon fall out

it may wither and die or bloom like a rose

you never can tell whoever knows?


Mystic #2


She emerged at Rotorua exactly at the spot

where sulphur was escaping from a fissure in the rock

He was fixing up the fences had to rub his eyes

when from the vapour she materialised

saying Iíve been looking for you, youíve been searching high for me


His fence became electric, his cows all lowed and mooed

she said itís only my persona, a kind of the aura I exude

He tried to focus on her face and her rouge red lips

but she stood before the sun like a solar eclipse

saying Iíve been looking for you, youíve been searching high for me


She said I am looking at the soul of a hollow man

You may be flesh and blood but youíre more like a hologram

He wiped the sweat off of his brow and said lady leave it out

I got a fence to fix, I don't know what you're talking about.

saying Iíve been looking for you, youíve been searching high for me


It was nine in the morning, on the ninth of nineteen ninety nine

he'd lost one of his fingers it was just another sign

The tension in the air was the tension in the wire

Itís number nine he said and she glowed as if on fire

saying Iíve been looking for you, youíve been searching high for me


Then he saw his life flash by before his very eyes

every moment, every minute, every truth, every lie

she said let go of the wire, let the animals roam free

the numbers are as one, some things  are meant to be

Iíve been looking for you, youíve been searching high for me



 Somewhere in the street


The comrades of my old life have all gone away

I wouldnít know 'em if I saw 'em I  wouldnít know what to say

if I met 'em on station if they were standing next to you

would they even  recognise me would they say how do you do?

when Iím walking down a tunnel to the sound of running feet

or maybe Iíve walked by  you many times in the street?


Andy Douthwaite, what a hard case! What about old Mickey Child?

went out to Chicago started living wild

they said he owned a corporation come a long way from  the Mount

got everything he needed in a Swiss account

when Iím  down  a blind alley with too many human beings in retreat

or maybe Iíve walked by you many times in the street?


Rosie Sweeting, what a sweetheart! ,  she worked a wimpy bar

Iíd prowl the streets for her driving in  my old man's car

I took her to the pictures and we were rolling in the aisle

the thread between us was just the twine of smiles

you were just a young girl and we danced to the Mersey beat

and I maybe I  passed by you many times in the street.


Back among the council houses, down by  the shady lanes

in the backwoods of my memory in the shadows of the rain

seen a lot of people, made a lot of friends

hurt a lot of feelings, mostly  made amends

from the crowded streets of London town to the lands across the sea

maybe Iíve walked by you many times in the street?


What else could I do? (but fall in love)


We sat outside in the evening sun

thinking 'bout the lotto that I never won

drinking warm champagne and sweet red wine

but I didn't care I didnít mind

'cos when you said well c'est la vie

what else could I do?

but fall in love with you


the sun went down and the moon came up

and we said this world is so corrupt

outside in the night a squad car sped

and the eye in the sky circled overhead

and you said to me, que sera sera

what else could I do?

but fall in love with you


you said we could be whatever we wanted to be

youíve always been you, somehow I ended up as me

there's a world out there we might have  explored

but Iíve never been no kind of conquistador

and you said what will be will be

what else could I do?

but fall in love with you


the stars came out and a new moon was a rose

and we got bitten by the mosquitos

and we went inside and and I started to stress

and the dishes werenít done and the place was a mess

but you and said there you go

what else could in do?

but fall in love with you


Jazz in the breeze


People lying in the sunshine, music in the park

Boys and girls, all kitted up

They were talking to each other and to-ing and a-froing

"goodtoseeya, watchadoing, whereyaliving, howyagoing"


Jazz, jazz,  jazz in the breeze


There was a woman in a sari, olive coloured skin

No-one in hurry people drinking coke and gin

The sky deep blue the air see-through

atmosphere was charged the  world at large


Jazz, jazz,  jazz in the breeze


The drummer did a solo, they took it up a notch

The perfect couple came while everybody watched

He couldn't keep his hands off her, she couldn't keep her hands off him

Once the world was young, I saw the old men grin


Jazz, jazz,  jazz in the breeze


I lay there incognito had to move into the shade

Guitar man virtuoso, I knew I'd never make the grade

Children playing with each other and the sushi-man showed off

Then I took my leave, I'd had enough


Jazz, jazz,  jazz in the breeze


Until next time


I have flown over oceans so wide and so deep

Over the red burning deserts

And the world's been there stretched at my feet

My past my future and present

I must have lost track of the airports Iíve been

To the women that who  said I love you

In a life that has been one long round of  good-bye

Until next time


I am here with the sun and jet planes and palms

Where the chain link fences are broken

I am waiting forever with my head in my arms

I was sleeping until I was woken

They looked at my passport and x-rayed my bags

They said to me ďdon't I know you?Ē

And they said just wait at your place in the line

Until next time


I once knew a woman in the back of beyond

We never spoke the some language

One day I woke and the job had moved on

I hope that somehow she managed

And I donít even know the name of my son

And the people I do know just pass through

On the merry go round of good-byes

Until next time


My life is a sham but I donít have no shame

I just do what I do to exist it

I am one of the vapour trails up in the sky

If you'd of blinked maybe you would have missed it

Itís getting too late this journey is long

Iíve got a plane to catch to somewhere new

I wish you well, may the sun on you shine

Until next time


Slave to the street


With your almond eyes

your soft and silky skin

with your dress pulled up around your thighs

for the men who bought you in

torn from your palm trees and paddy fields

forced to suffer, forced to yield

slave to the street

to the men on heat, slave to the street


Youíre not much more than a child

under the neon sign

your eyes and your lips force a smile

on this cold and windy night

Slave to the men who bought you here

slave to them as they grunt in your ear

slave to the street

to the men on heat, slave to the street


How much does your sweetheart know?

is he even aware ?

up in the mosquito groves

of the savage ravaged air

Slave to neon, slave to sleaze

slave to the guys when you're on your knees

slave to the street

to the men on heat, slave to the street


One of the stars


Iím standing on a river bank

can only vaguely see the other side

where tiny little matchstick men

are waving their arms cross the river so wide

walkin over the ancient bridge

with itís rusting steel and dripping spars

with you so far away from me

you might just as well be one of the stars


Iím walking through some countryside

I ain't never been before

fragments of old history

leftovers from the last world war

drinking in lonely town

with a stranger in a station bar

with you that far away from me

you might just as well be one of the stars


you might be living in the back of beyond

where no human being has ever gone

with no footprints in the sand

with a lion eating out of your hand


Iím walking on a lonesome beach

with the waves crashing down on to the shoreline

Hermann  out in front of me

Hand in hand with his little frauline

I imagine you somewhere else

on a lazy beach in Zanzibar

with you so far away from me

you might just as well be one of the stars


Day of Leaving


He was only just out of his teens, picking at his blackheads

with his sweetheart sleeping sound, down by the pithead

He gazed out at the empty street, it was 5 oíclock in the morning

the street lights loomed, men trudged to work, waiting for the



The morning shift the dismal dawn  on the day  leaving

on their way to who knows where, she still  disbelieving

By  the slag heaps, slime and grime, could only be a man's place

and then at last a yellow glow came creeping cross the landscape


He  vowed he never would return, his heart began to harden

Saw the early morning men digging up their gardens

"Up you sonny" be on your way leave what you never  started

black holes are for us olds, weíll stay and be the martyrs


they took a ship across the sea, vast oceans and through time zones

to the back blocks of way beyond  where life was hard as than  mill stone

she missed her street and missed her dad and missed  her weeping mother

what kind of life is this she said to him,  why did we even bother


The years rolled on  babies came, his blackheads turned to leather

the virgin soil ripped and  raw, she longed for moors of heather

she barely recognised him  now heíd  grown so cold, and empty

a man of means, a man of land, she said thereís nothing here to tempt me


she felt the chill of the northern night, the neon gloom of winter

the marketplace  its cobbled stones, just a sister there to greet her

every one else had  either died or  disappeared  or would not brave the evening

neither here and neither there as on the day of  leaving


 A walking  man, an alien,  against the sunlight fading

the blue sky was streaked with gold,  heíd said the sun  had  saved  him

the jagged edge, the silhouette, the empty lands new vistas

he never thought of her or of the dust of his old existence