Lyrics to Imaginary Lines songs

      by Roger Marshall

Children in the rain
City city
Shade of a light
Out of focus
Less Travelled road
Invisible shield
Small talk
Don't leave
In the dark
The imaginary line
What if?


Children in the rain


Travelling on some foreign soil

watching other people, other people toil.

The scents, the sounds, the roads are insane

Among the children in the rain.


Another place name on a map.

Sounds romantic but it's not.

I saw some rats run in a drain,

among the children in the rain.


some men in khaki search your kit.

Machine guns slung low at their hips,

In the road a spreading stain,

getting washed out by the rain.


They're begging me with outstretched hands

Rich man from a richer land

How can I begin  to explain?

To the children in the rain


A sense of anger and despair,

among the people living there.

From the comfort  of the train,

I watch the children in the rain.


Travelling on some foreign soil

watching other people, other people toil.

The scents, the sounds, the roads are insane

Among the children in the rain.


City city


Where once stood something to turn to, gaze up and admire

A piece of your history, something to inspire

Built with style and beauty, it had lines and grace

Disappeared one night, some monster's taken it's place

In the City

City City


It was part of your culture, it had always been yours

Built by your forefathers, stood with open doors

It was etched into your psyche, embedded in your earth

A part of your history, a right of your birth

In the City

City City


Somewhere the ghost of a windmill, somewhere the spirit of a queen

In that space over there, concrete smothers a dream

If you don't know where you came from, don't know where you're going to

You don't know what is real  when everything is brand new

In the City

City City


They can't see further than the next buck, dollar signs in their eyes

When the bricks turn to rubble, when a part of you dies

I know nothing lasts for ever in time al things are dust

But is there  nothing sacred nothing you can trust?

In the City

City City



In the shade of a light


I just called by, ‘cos I could see

your bags outside, a taxi waiting in the street

this room has memories now it's empty and bare

my stereo player used to stand in the corner over there

and you've taken my albums to the charity shop

I hope they find a good home someone else who likes to rock


I just called by to say fare thee well

this house is cold it's like an empty old shell

there dust on the floor where the double bed stood

so! you found what you lost, I always knew that you would

you've taken my clothes  to St Vincent de Paul

now I'm feeling kind of naked standing here in your the hall


in the shade of the light that once shone


I just called by to be under this roof

nothing ever stands still now's the right time to move

but look! there's something here written, a reminder to myself

it would have been all right if we'd lived somewhere else

and you've throw out my poems and my carved bits of wood

I kind of bonded to them even though I know they were no good


I just called by though I know its way too late

you're already ready to be on your way

this room has memories now its empty and bare

there's an echo of my ego in the diy repair

you've thrown out the photos and now there's nothing that remains

I wont ever  stand here in this hallway again


in the shade of the light that once shone



Out of focus


Didn't see the mantis praying on a stick

Couldn't see the lizard 'cos it moved too quick

Didn't see a polar bear asleep in the snow

Didn't know that shadow was a lazy old crow

Like blind man

Out of focus, gone out of focus again


Can't see a thing taking these jam-jars off

Everything goes from hard to soft

Didn't see my mother when I came out of the sea

But I knew everybody was there looking at me.

Like blind man

Out of focus, gone out of focus again


Couldn't see the southern cross shining in the sky

Wouldn't know the north star if it hit me in the eye

Who is that woman who just gave me a wave?

Should I get up closer stare into her face?

Like blind man

Out of focus, gone out of focus again


Couldn't see how to get from A to B

Couldn't read  the words  of the itinerary

Couldn't see nothing much in the half-lit  night

Are you smiling at me or picking a fight?

Like blind man

Out of focus, gone out of focus again


It got kind of hazy after drinking too much scotch

Couldn't even see the hands of my watch.

And the hands of my body were just as much a blur

I'm sorry but I wasn't even looking at her

Like blind man

Out of focus, gone out of focus again


Less travelled road


I know you travelled a less travelled road but you still got here

I know youve had trouble and woe but there ain't nothing to fear

I know you've been dragged through the eye of storm

been treated bad , no one ever made you feel warm


I know you've been hounded by demons and doubts, but you don't need 'em

those old devils will always be lurking about, but you don't have to feed 'em

don't know about you but I need too laugh till I drop

don't know about you but I don't want it to stop


Pass me that bottle of beer and of wine  and lets down 'em

I know you ‘ve had your sorrows and I've had mine, so why don't we drown 'em

I hate seeing tears running down your cheeks

I hate it when you don't smile or speak


I know you feel like singing the blues, but let's make it a duo

no doubt you've got everything and more to lose,  but who cares how much  you owe

I know this worlds about dollars and cents

I know it don't make a whole lot of sense

On a less travelled road



Invisible shield


You dont have  to say what's on your mind

Keep all your secrets to hide behind

Keep  'em stitched up, signed and sealed

from behind your invisible shield


You don't have to give ‘em any alibis

leave all that stuff for the cold war spies

Don't give in to the powers that they wield

from behind your invisible shield


This whole scene is kind of Kafka-esque

Seems  like your living under house arrest

everyone says you should take  the very next deal

but hide behind your invisible shield


You don't have to say what they want to know

just go the way the warm wind wants to blow

wrap yourself up  in a sci-fi field

and hide behind an invisible shield


Small talk


I've been waiting a long time for things to occur

now im not even sure what I'd prefer,

to be home with a sweetheart or out on the town

or drunk in a bar letting myself down


i was in the blue falcon where the lights were dim

i was talking to myself when someone butted in

she  said something,   I said what?

She said it seems you've lost the plot


Watcha you doin' in this lowdown place

let me put a smile on your face

you're like a ship cast up on barren land

Why don't you try eating out of the palm of my hand


We could talk ‘bout such and such and so and so

Or drink ourselves senseless till it's time to go

Or you could just up and walk away

Maybe tomorrow you won't remember today


Making small talk, making happy talk


i thought that there was something refreshing in that

so we spoke about the soaps and Jolie and Brad

and i was feeling altogether less stressed out

I'd forgotten what I'd been concerned  about


she said she once loved someone but it was on a higher plane

I said was it in Qantas she said no I think it was BA

she what do you think of my dress, the way my hair's in a bun

do you want me for sex or just for some  fun



she said said ok lets talk about something real

I said what about the state of the world, but it didnt really appeal

she said no no that's not at all what she meant

she didn't care at all about the government


Making small talk, making happy talk


she said: “happy talking talking happy talk

talk about things you like to do

you gotta have a dream

if you don't have a dream

how you gonna make a dream come true”


Don't leave


Don't  leave  it's a madhouse out there

Don't go into the  chaos

they'll take the shirt off your back

they'll only hurt , make you think theres something you lack

they're all out of their tree, don't leave


…….. there are loonies out there

they'll try ruin you

none knows how to behave

they'll treat you like nothing, like you're a slave

nobody agrees, don't leave


……  its bedlam out there

Don't go into the mayhem

it's either too hot or its too cold

they tell stories that should never be told

things you'd barely believe, don't leave


……..  they'll kill-ya out there

they'll destroy your will

if you can do it tomorrow why do it today

there'll only be hell to pay

theres nothing to see, don't leave


…….. they'll get you out there

They'll love you then forget you

No one knows if they're standing in the right place

So many things you dont  wanna have to face

only to be deceived, don't leave





Long time ago on a Christmas eve

somewhere down south of Battersea

I was hanging about like a piece of string

when out of the blue the telephone rings

Mad Pete said Rog I know you've heard it all

But I heard the Roz are having a Ball

with Val, Val, Valerie


I don't recall much about the thing itself

but I had to take a leak like everyone else

I was concentrating on the cracks in the bricks

when the voice of old Bill said "you make me sick

you must be some kind of anarchist

we've got your number, got your name on our lists"

with Val, Val, Valerie


Somehow I was in the Super's own front room

listening to a slow Mantovani tune

and somehow I was snogging with his shrew-like wife

and snow was falling out on the suburban night

and I drank drambuie and I was feeling kinda screwy

super swiped my jaw and I was lying on the floor

with Val, Val, Valerie


I walked back home in the suburban night

with it's semis and it's many other wondrous sights

and I was guided by the lights of the Purley Way

down the Brighton road it was Christmas day

and in the warm launderette I was shivering wreck

and in the snow covered street I wondered if I'd ever meet

Val, Val, Valerie



In the dark


we were  watching a movie I didn't understand,

the usual thing a woman and a man

making love and making hate

tempting each other and tempting fate

you said what does it mean?

In the dark next to me


We walked back down the windy street

the pavements wet and the streets windswept.

Down by the hideous neon sign and the video shops

where the kids unwind.

You said it's like makebelief

In the dark next to me


And as we drove a million moving parts

we could barely speak with shutdown hearts

it was as if two minds were cast adrift

like two strangers in a lift

then you touched me tenderly

in the dark next to me.


It was late at  night and the house was still

and the moon cast shadows on the window sill

clothes lay scattered all around the floor

they could only have been yours

as you slept through a dream,

in the dark next to me



The Imaginary line


I was walking by the river lost in reverie

Ancient buildings built on silver, the gold of history

 I dipped my fingers in the water

I heard the cockney round me rhyme

I stepped out, ‘cross the imaginary line


This old river just keeps on rolling almost thicker than blood

Where's it come from? where's it going? down by the Isle, the isle of Dogs

this is the town  where you can be a loner

the Bells over the water chimed

I stepped out, ‘cross the imaginary line


In the Meantime in the Time museum the clocks were making love

The old star gazers, you could almost see ‘em ghosts in the skies, the skies above

of sailors lost in Southern oceans

beyond the reach of humankind

I stepped out, cross the imaginary line


Beyond the high rise, over the horizon where this timeline leads

Where the ships set sail for Godzone where the river bleeds

Wish I could say hello to Mona

Went out of myself on river time

I stepped out cross the imaginary line



What if?


if you were with me tonight would I feel this way

would I be lying in wait for the day

would  seeing you dispel the myth

would I still be thinking, what if….


you were with  tonight would I feel so insane

would touching you still excite me the same

at least i would know you did once exist

would I still thinking  what if….


you were with me tonight would there be any shadows doubt

would we find  anything  to even talk about

would there be something still left to give

would I still thinking what if….





There is a kind of creature, walks around on two legs.

The other animals all think it's the dregs.

Muscles in on their patch of ground

taking away everything to be found.

It's a creature called Man, it's a human being

not been very long on the Evolution scene

just  a Man


They come in two shapes and neither has fur.

(One's called him the other's called her.)

They prowl around an urban space

making a mess all over the place.

It's a creature called Man, it's a hominoid.

Most of them are really quite paranoid

just  a Man


So many creatures living on the brink.

Some of them have even become extinct.

Mostly they don't know which way to turn,

watching as their forest burn

It's a creature called Man, it's a naked ape.

Does a very nice line in pillage and rape.

just  a Man


With a brain that's big, and an ego to match,

some of them behave even worse than rats.

most of them are just another one in a crowd

Some of them have got their heads in the clouds

It's a creature call Man, it's me and you

locked inside  a human zoo.

just  a Man


They think they're unique with a sense of me

The only beast with   any empathy

They think they know  whats right and they know what is wrong

But no one really knows what's going on

It's a creature call Man, the Human race

Messing its nest as it flies through space

Just a Man