Lyrics to "Lost Count" CD


by Roger Marshall


Meadows of Jericho   Where's Sonia   Your way   Time to kill   Before the day is through  

Lost Count  Who is this woman?   Weightless  Unmistakably you   Yesterday was a long time ago  

Boom baby   Touching the stone   Burning my cheek   Wasn't quite sure   Remind me who I am


The Meadows of Jericho


The sun's going down over the rooftops

the clouds pure white  like ice in the sky

and the trees have started losing their green leaves

with a chill in the air, a  vague winter sigh

and the leaves flutter down in the river

where the white swans have been  forever

in the wake of today weighed down by tomorrow

‘cross the meadows of Jericho


the heat of the sun has died on the bushes

and the old willow tree is bent down in sorrow

boats float on the canal so slowly

with a crew drinking wine in friendship they wallow

and they smile and say good day how ya doing

and disappear  past the ruin

in the wake of today weighed down by tomorrow

 ‘cross the meadows of Jericho


the clouds in the sky seem to hang down on me

crushing my soul with a vague premonition

I walk for a while try to think about nothing

I come to an inn at the end of the footpath

everyone around me is talking and merry

making jokes, discussing the home game

in the wake of today weighed down by tomorrow

 ‘cross the meadows of Jericho


I stand on the hill with a white horse carved in it

where men used to hunt dressed up in leather

where people have been since time gotten going

worshipping gods that no one can remember

the heat of the summer has burned at the earth ashen

and the kids play hopscotch as if nothing matters

in the wake of today weighed down by tomorrow

 ‘cross the meadows of Jericho

 Where's Sonia?


I'm sitting in a room trying to learn  Spanish

reading something ‘bout  Sonia seems she’s vanished

 I'm  play acting  some people, Llorenc or Enrique

I don't know how to speak or what to say

where's Sonia?


all I wanted was to say more that hasta manana

you never know I might just bump into  Sonia

 in the  room is just me with four young l women

from all over the world but Sonia’s gone missing

where’s Sonia?


I rambled the Ramblas and  wandered the Rondas,

every woman I saw  might have been Sonia

I went along paral.lel and up on to Mont Juic

the city looked pretty but Sonia’s shot through it

where's Sonia?


I took the amarillo line out to Barceloneta

she might have been there but I never met her

I walked back  to my home in  Sant Antoni

she might have been here all along I guess I wont ever know

where's Sonia?


I've met a woman in café,  by Sagrada Familia

I thought I'd found  Sonia,  but then she said she was Emilia

some cities may break it some may lay it bare

you might leave yours in San Francisco but  I left mine there

where's Sonia, donde estas Sonia?


Your way


you've got a way about you

a way of touching

a way of holding

a way of loving

your way


you've got a way about you

I can't explain it

I can't describe it

I can't name it


you've got a way about you

leaves me speechless

leaves me legless

makes me sleepless


your way of seeing

your way of being


youve go a way about you

plain and simple

calm and humble

with no frills


you've got a way about you

a way of living

a way of feeling

a way of giving me


your way of seeing

your way of being


Time to kill

 Came home yesterday, slumped down in a chair

Switched into the news, chaos everywhere

Hit some another channel,  never-ending trash

Plastic people raking in the cash

And the world stood still

with only time to kill


Can't be bothered anymore, seems like a total waste of time

The poor are just as poor and the blind are just as blind

Boxed against the shadows, punched at silhouettes

Raised a fist in anger, but nothing’s happened yet

And the world stood still

with only time to kill


I heard the empty words ricochet around the room

Heard it all before, why don’t they play a different tune

And I felt the bits of shrapnel as they cut into my flesh

The words cut clean through me, why don’t they let it rest?

And the world stood still

with only time to kill


I pointed to the sky, said it looks like rain

I said I don’t know why, but I don’t know what they're saying

I closed my eyes and drifted as they blurted it all out

About someone - was it me? - what were they talking about?

And the world stood still

with only time to kill


Before the day is through


Before the day is through

How times will I think of you?

what we did and didn’t ever do?

before the day is through


Before the sun goes down

how many times have I spun around?

seeing you both lost and found

before the sun goes down


Before the evening fades

how many plans of hope are laid?

empty promises are made

Before the evening fades


So many things to remember

So much still to do

In the burning embers

when a love was new



Before the night is  done

how many dreams linger on

all the doubts roll into one

before the night is done


Before the daylight breaks

how many souls get ripped awake?

how many lovers bodies shake?

before the daylight breaks


Lost count


How many times do you fall out of love?

How many times is enough enough?

I counted my money, but never the cost

and neither my blessings but only what I lost

so many times, there’s no right amount

I’ve lost count


How many days did I waste being vain

How many times did I say I abstain

I never kept a diary or a tally of words

Wrote anything down it was all too absurd

Now I want to shout it down from the mount

I’ve lost count


I’ve been dealing in numbers, in figures and facts

walking around wearing three different hats

I counted the flakes of melting snow

lost all trace of where I was going to go

so many times there’s always a doubt

I’ve lost count


I’ve lost count of the days they just roll into one

Lost count of the things I never got done

I took now and then and it turned into  life

I took one and one and it turned into five

how many times did it never work out?

I’ve lost count


Who is this woman?


She’s lying on my bed with a reek of stale perfume

sunlight peeks its way into the dark and dusty room

hearing her shower listening to her sing

showing me pictures of her next of kin

who is this woman that I'm lying beside

she came out of nowhere, who knows where she hides?


She’s walking round my room, picking up my CDs

speaking in Spanish or maybe its Portuguese

you might be an actress or a artist who knows?

you may have been places id never dare to go

who is this woman that I'm lying beside

she came out of nowhere, who knows where she hides?


she patters  barefoot on my zigzag floor

talking non-stop, about what I'm  not sure

 I'm  lying on the tiles watching  tv

thinking about who she might possibly be

who is this woman that I'm lying beside

she came out of nowhere, who knows where she hides?


smoking  outside on my iron balcony

with the sunlight catching  the bare olive skin of her knee

with people sleepwalking in the city of dream

who  might she be, is she that which she seems?

who is this woman that I'm lying beside

she came out of nowhere, who knows where she hides?




"no mistakes only things that you do"                                            

its what people say I don't know if its  true                                                 

no regrets,  only memories

its what some people say when you're helpless in the breeze

no ideas only dead pan thoughts                                                

they say that dead men don't talk

being weightless



no emotions on your face                                                        

you're like an astronaut floating in outer space

no commitment just a shoulder shrug                                           

you got no addiction no one person that you love

no tomorrows only today                                                         

you were picked up in the wind and simply blown away

being weightless



you were one of the seeds  on the wind                                            

never been a saint and you never learnt how to  sin

in slow motion  falling down

like a feather gently floating around

being weightless weightless                                               


you cant see nothing in the ink of nowhere                                                  

hanging in with people  who don't know how to care

don't know what's up or what's going down

like a dead fish floundering around

floating around in empty space

wondering why everyone else is out of place

being weightless

Unmistakably you

I'm standing on your corner like we agreed
waiting for you with a hunger to feed
"I've looked at my watch have I got the time wrong?
maybe I've missed you or you've waited and gone
and I see you appear and don't have to think who
could be no one else, unmistakably you.

As you're walking toward me, late sun in your eyes
everyone else might as well be in disguise
and I think to myself how some things come to some men
among other lovers and the usual mayhem
and you ask me a question coming out of the blue
only you could ask it, unmistakably you

I walking 'long with you or you're skipping ahead
or tugging my arm at something I said
and I'm translating words while on my sofa your curl
explaining something or another 'bout the wild western world
and you say "yes but" and I say "but yes it's true"
no one else could have said it, unmistakably you

We're eating hot Sichuan and my mind's going spacey
and you're staring straight at me, making me slightly uneasy
and you're pinching my palm as we go for a drive
still wanting to know 'bout a previous life
and I cant think of anything much better to do
without any doubt, its unmistakably you



Yesterday was a long time ago


Rainfall was running down the windows like tears

storm clouds heavy till a weak sun appeared

she said lets  get out of here we need to talk

let's go down to the river and take a walk

I remember it’s ebb, it’s swirl and it’s  flow,

yesterday was a long time ago


The river was swollen there was no one about

she'd been thinking things over, trying to work something  out

trying to unravel the strings to her heart

in the mud and the gravel we stood two feet apart

I remember it’s ebb, it’s swirl and it’s  flow ,

yesterday was a long time ago


my soul was a swamp my mind was a  mire

I'd been here before when she called me a liar

there was nothing that I could do or say defence

it was all true, she said made perfect sense


I've  been back to the river, no longer in flood

you  could still see our footprint embedded in mud

The river meandered, all peaceful and calm

No one would know, there'd be no cause for alarm

I remember it’s ebb, it’s swirl and it’s flow,

yesterday was a long time ago


Boom baby


Born into Brylcreme, raised on milk in the sun

dipped your pen in an ink well, reading, writing and sums

had a thing for Arkela, dib  baby dob

once a bouncer in Purley, once a teddy boy yob

boom baby


Staring up at the ceiling, wheeled down long corridors

surrounded by white coats, feeling the good doctors paws

in and out out of time space, holding imaginary hands

kissing imaginary women, lost in imaginary lands

boom baby


seeing the sun in Barbados, made off with the loot

gotta pina colada, gotta hit on the hootch

One eye on your mortgage, one hand in your purse

one eye on the share price, one eye on the nurse

boom baby


end of a century, missing out on the wars

missed out on Armageddon, missed out on a cause

twenty fours hours to decide it, forty eight till you quit

hallucinating on morphine, god has an acid wit

boom baby


Touching the stone


I felt calm in the cloisters, felt awe in the doorways

put my hands on to  statues of people  unknown

carved so real that  I thought they  might waken

ran through my fingers I was touching the stone


I cast my eyes up to the arches and frescoes

though there were people around  me I felt all on my own

I stood in front of an altar, tried  putting my fingers together

by the light of a candle I was touching the stone.


I heard a choir singing through the vaults of the Ages

through the crypts and catacombs  and the domes

and carved in the walls was the face of  an angel

put my hands to her eyes  I was touching the stone


I remember the feel of it, remember the weight of it

the very walls where I stood seemed to wail and to moan

by the light of a candle I was touching the stone.


I walked out of the gloom and into bright sunlight

where sat on the step was a wizened old crone

she smiled with one tooth and said may god bless you

I tried to steady myself, I was touching the stone


Burning my cheek


When you looked you stared me out

Watching you gently moving about

as if our paths had crossed before

as if we knew what we’d come here for

your perfume enveloping me

there was no the hide and seek

then I felt your kiss burning on my cheek.


Already I could feel the warmth of your skin

as the night came closing in

And a brush of your finger tips

the soft touch of your lips

Your breath like a fan at my face

there was no need to speak

then I felt your kiss burning on my cheek.


Already as the night turned into day

I knew you were here to stay

Already as the morning sun unfolds

I touched your shoulders and they were cold

I pulled the blankets up around your chin

snuggled under the sheets

then I felt your kiss burning on my cheek.


Wasn't quite sure


She came out of Nowhere

where the housewives unwind

she was a woman of means

she had a bin full of wines

she said “it’s good to see you, but what have you come back for?”

I shuffled my feet, I said I wasn't quite sure


She lived in a mansion

her ex drove a Rolls

she had a long time lover

and a house full of gold

she said “I’ve heard you’ve been living in someplace called Panmure.

Can you tell me where that is?” I said I wasn't quite sure


We were talking life over

'bout it’s ups and it’s downs

how love is a vapour

and it keeps going round

she said “I heard you’ve been married three times or more?”

I counted on my fingers, I said I wasn't quite sure


It was sunny and balmy

among the traffic and trains

I said are you happy

she said she had no complaints

she said “How come you seem so safe and secure?”

I rattled my chains, I said I wasn't quite sure


Remind me who I am


when all hopes have hopelessly faded

when my dreams are empty and jaded

if I don't know who I know anymore

if they've locked up behind closed doors

if I've regressed into my pram

remind me who I am


 when its late at night and the candles are dying

and the embers are way beyond reviving

if I'm  a shell and comatose

with no sign of life when you tickle my toes

if I'm  even less than a sham

remind me who I am


if I've lost all control of myself

if I don't recognise you or anyone else

if I'm  senseless and I'm  on life support

flick the switch without a second thought

give me a kiss and hold onto my hand

remind me who I am


the sun will go down and the moon will still rise

and point is the same as the stars in the skies

 I'm  just going back from whence I came

Maybe I'll start all over again

if I'm  a shadow in shadow land

remind me who I am