Lyrics to songs on Over There

Words and music by Roger Marshall


Know about you
Back roads
Break for the border
This world
Out to sea
Iron years
Feeling my way
Winter song
Over there
Yours and mine
Outside your window

Know about you


If you're by yourself tonight I want to know about it

If you're on the shelf tonight I want to know about it

If you've finally found out that there's no-one left to woo

I want to know about it I want to know about it

 everything about you



If you've found a cosy niche I want to know about it

if you've found some light relief I want to know about it

if you've found salvation from living with the blues

I want to know about it I want to know about it

I want to know about you


Even if it's a rumour

even if it's a pack of lies

even if it comes from someone

who I once despised

even if it's a legend or

even if it's true

I want to know about it

everything there is to know about you



If you're on the streets tonight I want to know about it

If you voted with your feet tonight I want to know about it

If you've finally found out, there's nothing left to do

I want to know about it I want to know about it

I want to know about you



Even if it's a message

Written in a cryptic code

Even if to tell me

that you've found another road

Even if it's something that I always knew

I want to know about it I want to know about it

everything about you




Back roads


Million miles from nowhere down by the  lake

a certain peace about it, shaking off an ache

clouds drift slow up  in the sky

there's nothing to do and  nothing   to buy

down the back roads 


you can  almost see gold up in them there the hills

all there is is time and there's enough of it to kill 

sunshine on the peaks and shade down in the valley

it might be  paradise but it ain't Bali

down the back roads 


Dust clouds rising from the  wheels   that I'm driving

City can be cruel  it can drive a knife in  

how would it be to be back up in the back blocks

getting up at dawn tending to the flocks

down the back roads


Stopping at a crossroads I don't know the way,

buzzard up above circling for its prey

sparkling  water dashing down rocks of the ravine

the morning world is so pristine

down the back roads



Break for the border


When I broke for the border

I knew my journey was done

when I looked for the horizon

but the earth and sky were  one

as the train kept on rolling  it had a mind of its own

miles of steel lie between your homeland and my  home


When I broke for the border

When we said our fond farewells

And I kissed her on the forehead

I wished her happiness I wished her well

but the tracks were never ending, thro' the brown earth and snow

miles of steel lie between your homeland and my  home


When I broke for the border

it was barren it was bleak

someone wanted to talk something over

but I didn't wish to speak

I gazed out the window at the rocks and at the stones

miles of steel lie between your homeland and my  home


When I broke for the border

I ended up on my front doorstep

I stood in the doorway

I didn't know what to expect

But the place looked no diff'rent it was as if I'd never roamed

miles of steel lie between your homeland and my  home

break for the border



This world


This world gets to you

With it's seas of green and it's skies of blue,

With it's earth and rocks and stones and ground,

It may seem flat but in fact it's round.

This world, worn and old

Tropical heat and icy cold,

With it's sunshine boys and stoney faced men

With its you and me and it's us and  them.


This world, for what it's worth,

It's just a little old speck in the universe

Painted like a masterpiece,

Being torn in two by wars in the name of peace.

This world, with it's land and sea,

But what it is ? It's a mystery.

This world, for good and for bad,

It's the only one we're ever gonna have


This world, with it's men and beasts

With it's sunset in the west, with it's sunrise in the east,

With it's vanishing trees and fields of green

With it's deserts scorched brown and it's dried up streams,

With it's civilisation, look at the theorems that they've proved!

Look at the shanty towns and it's destitute,

And it's children long dead and it's babies still to come

This world it's home for everyone.


This world with its  silvery moon

With its starry starry nights and celestial tunes

With its people in love and its people in hate

those who give and those who take

With its rain and sun and snow and  mist

Its creatures of the deep and those we don't even know exist

With its brothers and sisters and lovers and wives

With its imaginary gods and its meaning of Life

This world.





Out to sea


Moonlight dripped into the harbour

waves lapping at the boats

stars too many to number

I'm only just afloat

I came too close for comfort

too far away to  see

you so slowly drifting out to sea


Light house lamplight keeps right on turning

I guess the keepers must have fled

and the oceans don't ever stop swirling

and there's a shipwreck in my head

point me in the right direction

scratch a map at my feet

while you were slowly drifting out to sea


Long finger of the headland

pointing to somewhere out in the north

came a long way from the mad lands

theres beauty is here (for what it is worth)

Looking down into the ocean

so blue and so deep

you so slowly drifting out to sea


Pick any street put a pin in the map

there ain't nobody whom my patience wouldn't sap

can't find no-one with whom I do agree

seems like everyone's gone crazy but me


Dazzled by sun, had to escape it

curl up some place in the shade

sometimes I think I'll never make it

sometimes I think I've got it made

it never ceases to amaze me

everything's still as much a mystery

with you so slowly drifting out to sea



Iron years


When I looked on the northern moors, the wind cut, the rain poured.

I sheltered in my Renault four, the iron sky filled me with awe.

There was a house with a view, a field, a tree, a cow or two.

Some distant crags a rusty hue, against the slates of iron-blue.


People called each other pet

I was a stranger there, and yet

I felt that home was here

in the iron years.


That rusting hulk corroded, differentials were eroded.

We knew the Bombs were loaded, what was gonna happen  if they exploded.

We campaigned, we protested, people I knew quite were arrested.

Relationships were tested, family wounds festered.


People called each other names,

no body would take the blame.

For the anger and fears

in the iron years.


There were strikes and flying pickets, couldn't help but get caught up in it

street fights and demonstrations,  iron in the soul of the nation

there was a war in the south Atlantic , people became sycophantic

Some left for the South Pacific, they said everything was gonna be terrific


People called each other scabs,

everything was up for grabs.

cut by razors, knives and shears

in the iron years.





I went down in the downland walking

with my father  one bright sunny day

watching the men watching their sons,

flying their model aeroplanes

down by the Purley Way

talking about the good old days

down in the downland


I said it's weird being here after all these years

sometimes I feel I'm nothing more than  a stranger

this was home where I used to roam

it's more or less the same as I remember

but wasn't that old house derelict?

Is it just my  mind playing tricks

down in the downland


walking along these old chalk hills,

in the distance a glimpse of the city

talking about the War, talking about your own Pa,

talking family history

I was almost removed from everything

and the cold eyed crows above me sing

down in the downland


We walked down in  the woods where the old oaks stood

before the night of the Great Storm

where  the pigeons coo and the paths wind their way through

the  brambles and the hawthorns

and  the years fell away

I was with you  where we used to play

down in the downland



Feeling my way


I don't know what I'm feeling, I'm just feeling my way

I don't know what I'm seeing if it's the  light of today

I'm a novice I'm a  tyro got my L-plates on

I  was hoping you might tell me what I've been  doing wrong

someone cast a spell on me, it feels like it's voodoo

I'm feeling my way through


Well, I used to know the rules but I'm re-learning how to play

my memory isn't vivid,  don't remember yesterday

I gotta a whole lotta loving but I just cant seem to give it

don't worry 'bout me baby you gotta a life you gotta live it

we can always talk it over there ain't nothing that's taboo

I'm feeling my way through


I could build anything made of wood and of nails

You can even talk to me if everything fails

I could sing you any song, drink you under any table

I've been regressing in myself I'm going back into the cradle

I've been watching Bill and Ben feeling like I'm Looby Loo

I'm feeling my way through


I'm forgetting everything that I barely knew

It wasn't very much but it kind of got me through

it s early in the morning and the mist is in the hollows

you can feel this  way and I'll just try to follow

doesn't matter very much I'm happy being Scubeedoo

and feeling my way through




Winter song


A magpie at my window  a cold wind in the street

you were lying in my arms, once I curled up at your feet

you took the bad words from my mouth, evil thoughts from my mind

took everything left nothing much behind

there wasn't  much to take away

one cold winter's day


I was lying low  listening to  your breathless sigh

time don't wait for anyone, least of all for  you or i

When I was burning up with fever, and I could barely stand

an icy windy was blowing across the forbidden land

and the sky was leaden grey

one cold winter's day


I wandered thro' the rubble,  blindly as you do

you  stumbled over me somehow I stumbled over you

a winter sun was shining,  sunbeams dancing on the dust

safe and warm inside with a whole day to waste

like children at play

one cold winter's day


I thought that it was written that everything was fate 

Too slow to know destiny don't wait

one night the power died and everything stopped

how now  wish the lights  had stayed off

while the blizzard blew away

one cold winter's day



Over there


No breath of wind disturbed the heat.

Could feel it burn through the soles of my feet.

I stepped outside for some  air

I saw something moving way over there.


All else was still in the heat and the haze.

Ain't no mistaking your ravaged face.

I screwed  my eyes up,  I stood there and stared

into the distance, way over there.


 I can see you, you can't see me

 It might be someone, some one whose lost

 Might be just  it's an apparition

 Like maybe it's a ghost.


There you were walking in a long red frock.

The groom beside you like a man in the dock.

I watched the guests disappear in thin air.

In  the distance, way over there.


Just then a breeze cut through the heat.

Cornfields swayed and the thunder beat.

Lightning was striking everything everywhere.

in the distance way, over there.




Yours and mine


High over the rooftops , cant see nothing but sky

it ain't gonna rain, clouds don't  even try

still, people are drowning, clutching at straws

I'm hanging on to mine don't let go of yours


I'm living above,  someone who is living below

we pass on the stairs  we just say hello

they say so much  can happen behind closed doors

not much happening behind mine maybe it's goin' down behind yours


I've loved you a long time,  now we're not even friends

I don't know what happened how things  always end

some people keep their loves in their bottom drawer

I've got nothing in mine, maybe I left it  all behind in yours


I've been beating  my brow, been kicking down walls

I've crept  and kowtowed, I've wept and I've bawled

some people still fighting their own private wars

done battle with mine, make peace with yours


Ghost town of a city, people  all on the make

the  love that they give, they only forsake

Some people are searching, looking for  a cause

I've put paid to mine, best of luck with yours



Outside your window


What's outside your window, do you have much of a view?

Are you bored or happy, do you bother with the news?

Is it dead of night, or the middle of the day?

Is a new moon rising, old one melting away?


What's outside of you window, is it land or is it sea?

Are you looking at a heat wave, seeking out the breeze?

Are you staring at a brick wall, someone staring back at you?

Have you pulled down the blind, with nothing to look forward to?


Do you see a better skyline, a field full of flowers?

Living in dream world, whiling away the hours?

What's outside there, is there nothing but mid air?

Seagulls flying all around you, do you ever care?


What's outside of your window, are there people on the move?

Is there nothing more you have to prove

Does life go by too fast or too slow?

Outside your window