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Roger Marshall Gigs and Reviews

Contact for gigs:



Mobile 021 1159 224

Launch of "Situation Normal", 19th Dec, Clare Inn, Dominion road


Thursday nights, 121 Cafe, Ponsonby Road, Auckland

Monday nights Celtic session, Clare Inn, Dominion Road.

Thirsty Dog folk club, first and third Sunday of the month 3-6pm. Hosted by Bones


"Situation Normal" review by Jamie Robash given "Top Album" 4.1/5 rating (".. a beautiful rant") Divide and Conquer Indie Music. Full review here   

"Situation Normal" reviewed by NZ Graham Reid of Elsewhere
"..he has a voice and a vision which is all his own . . . These are sharp, observational and thoughtful songs of experience." Full review here

NZ Musician of "Imaginary Lines" by Sam Carswell..
"...Don’t Leave and What If? are the two softest songs. They’re short and stripped down and honest and when they come on, the world seems to disappear".
Full review here