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June 2021 release


Kingsland Hill was recorded at Ellamy Studios between December 2020 and May 2021. The title track was written during covid lockdown period in New Zealand in April 2020. As with my previous Situation Normal album, Louis Bernstone has engineered and helped produce it, and added keyboards, some percussion and bass. Also masterful work on computer fixing my mistakes. My friend Dave Powell came in late and added "garnish" sax on Songbird, Enemy lines and Stepping on my Shadow. My son Joe in Berlin overdubbed some backing vocals, especially good on Rain Song and Kingsland Hill. Otherwise all the vocal and guitar work is my own.

As to the songs: Rain Song is a reminder that I did, indeed, once study rain and actually wrote that it was an "intermittent phenomenon". More seriously, climate change, which underlies Rain Song, concerns us all. Let it Lie is a completely un-subtle un-apologetic stab at the fossil fuel industry. From my house at the highest point in Kingsland I can usually hear the hum of a motorway. Suddenly during lockdown the world fell silent and Kingsland Hill was written.

Play Kingsland Hill songs (notes above):
Rain Song


Let it lie

Be on your way

Stepping on my Shadow

Kingsland Hill

Enemy lines

Something to do


After the Lovers had gone

Watching the world unwind

So We meet again


Lyrics to Kingsland Hill

Recorded at Ellamy Studios, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Produced by Roger Marshall and Louis Bernstone
Engineered and mixed by Louis Bernstone at Ellamy Studios

Roger: vocals, guitars (acoustic, electric, tenor, slide, baritone), harmonica, percussion, mixing
Louis Bernstone: keyboards, bass, percussion, engineering, mixing and mastering
Dave Powell: saxophone
Joe Marshall: backing vocal