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Back Tracks

Back Tracks


"Back tracks" is a collection of songs recorded by myself at home sometime in the 1990's and early 2000s, with help of a 4-track Tascam cassette tape recorder and an archaic Roland drum machine on a few songs. Actually the Roland does a reasonable job, "Vacuum" has a nice grove to it. Some later songs may have been recorded on my first early desktop. I like "Edge of the rim", written when it cost a lot of money to just make a phone call to UK and I missed my family there. I like "The Amnesiac" with its a messy doubled-over guitar riffs and "Maintain", sometimes covered by Joe. "Hanging 'round the planet" was a 50th birthday song ("eighteen thousand a few hundred days" in 2000!). "Squandered love" is a bit fraught but I guess it has a nice tune. "Sinking feeling" has re-appeared as "Out to Sea" on the Over There CD and "Just a Man" has become "Man" on Imaginary Lines. Listening now I think I prefer the earlier versions, especially the guitar riff in "Just a man"!

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Squandered love

Hanging 'round the planet

See you tonight

Falling through the night

Where it all began

The amnesiac

Edge of the rim


The mystic

Break in the clouds


As long as

Just a man

Sinking feeling


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