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Back Tracks

Back Tracks
Songs (listen mp3): 
Squandered love   Hanging 'round the planet   See you tonight   Falling through the night  
Where it all began   The Amnesiac   Edge of the rim   Vacuum   The Mystic    Break in the clouds  
Mudflats    As long as    Just a man   Sinking feeling   Maintain  

Lyrics of Back Tracks songs

"Back tracks" is a collection of songs recorded by myself sometime in the early 2000s, with help of an archaic Roland drum machine on a few songs. Some of the songs go back even further. Indeed, "See you tonight" is one of the first songs I wrote. Some of these songs were recorded on a 4-track Tascam cassette tape recorder and converted to digital. "The Amnesiac" for example, which has a messy intense sound, but I still like the doubled-over guitar riffs! "Sinking feeling" has re-appeared as "Out to Sea" on the Over There CD and "Just a Man" has become "Man" on Imaginary Lines.