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Lost Count

Lost count

Songs (listen/download mp3): 
Meadows of Jericho   Where's Sonia?   Your way   Time to kill Before the day is through  
Lost count   Who is this woman?   Weightless   Unmistakably you    Boom baby  
Touching the stone    Burning my cheek   I wasn't quite sure   Remind me who I am  

Lyrics of  Lost Count songs

Lost Count was recorded at home by myself sometime around 2005-6. It has some songs (Where's Sonia, Who is this woman?, Meadows of Jericho) that emerged from stays in 2004 in Oxford and Barcelona. I am grateful to David Warder who, out of the blue, sent me a video he had made of Where's Sonia. In truth "Donde estas Sonia" was the title of a Spanish text book when I tried, not too successfully, to learn Spanish in Barcelona.