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Lost Count album by Roger Marshall
Lost count


The Lost Count album was recorded at home by myself sometime around 2003-6. It has some songs (Where's Sonia?, Who is this woman?, Meadows of Jericho) that emerged from sojourns in 2004 in Oxford and Barcelona.

Listening to the album now, I like these songs. Time to Kill with its atmospherics and bass line is pretty good. Where's Sonia (Donde estas Sonia) was the title of a Spanish text book when I tried to learn Spanish in Barcelona. Just as I was leaving Barcelona I rented a room from a woman who turned out to be called Sonia. I nearly fell over. With the years rolling on Remind Me Who I Am seems a fitting last track.

Play Lost Count songs (notes above): 

Meadows of Jericho

Where's Sonia?

Your Way

Time to kill

Before the day is through

Lost count

Who is this woman?


Unmistakably you

Yesterday was a long time ago

Boom baby

Touching the stone

Burning my cheek

I wasn't quite sure

Remind me who I am

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