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Songs (listen mp3): 
The Dispossessed   One and only man   Into the Unknown   Sleepwalking    Child's play  
Risky business   Mystic #2   Somewhere in the street    What else could I do?(but fall in love)  
Jazz in the breeze    Until next time   Slave to the street   One of the stars   Day of leaving  

 Lyrics of  Dispossessed songs

The songs on Dispossessed were recorded by me at home around about 2006-2008. Some of the "instruments", other than guitar, come from a guitar synth I was messing about with at that time. This album was done alongside the Backtracks and Lost Count CDs to get down some of the songs accumulated over the years. I think of these three albums - Backtracks, Lost Count and Dispossessed - as a kind of trilogy, and Eddie's great artwork for the covers lends a unity to them.