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Over There by Roger Marshall



Over There was my first foray into a recording studio. I had been enjoying jamming with Jono Lonie and I asked if he'd want to be involved. We decided on Darren's Earwig studio. Darren is old-school and uses analogue 2 inch tape, all credit to him. So the whole album was recorded pretty much "live", with some over dubbing. You have to admire the Beatles and others who recorded in the same way. Jono's backing on violin, acoustic and plugged in overdriven mandolin, pipes, including the Irish uilleann variety, are all fantastic. Darren added some bass. I play guitar and harmonica, and a Chinese instrument, called a ruan, on Back Roads and Over There.

Downland is a song for my Dad. In my childhood we lived the north downs, just south of London. The album is in his memory and to ramblings later in life in the Downland together.

New Zealand Musician review of Over There by Ricardo Kerr

Over There is the latest in his growing catalogue of albums exploring the acoustic end of the

country and blues spectrum, evoking the vast lush landscapes of Aotearoa, with just a hint of Americana.

It is country music of sorts, but a sort born out of life experience, not misguided fads and popularity.

Marshall has a sincere, weathered voice somewhere between Nick Cave and Bruce Springsteen. Speaking

from experience it demands your attention at every turn. A mournful harmonica opens the doors for

some lush guitar chords to breaks through on opener Know About You. Throughout the album are touches

that stick in your memory after it has played; the gentle waltz of This World, the layered guitar

tones on Iron Years, and the title track's threadbare blues, a la Seasick Steve. A charming journey,

nothing but pleasant from start to finish, a safe bet for anybody who craves a little more

heartfelt and earnest than the typical Kiwi music fare.

Lyrics of Over There songs

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Know about you

Back roads

Break for the border

This world

Out to sea

Iron years


Feeling my way

Winter song

Over there

Yours and mine

Outside your window


Produced by Roger Marshall and Jono Lonie
Recorded at Earwig studios, Highbury, Auckland on 2 inch magnetic tape.
Engineered and mixed by Darren McShane